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How You Can Pay Less For Software
•   Do you read manuals and online help if you run into problems?
•   Do you take the trouble to search for answers on the Internet?
•   Are you comfortable asking and receiving support via email?
•   Do you spend time to explore and learn about software you use?
•   Do you want to save on software purchase and support costs?

If you answer YES to most of the above and you are looking for
affordable quality software, you have come to the right place!
Affordable Quality Software For Expert Users
Welcome! This web site is owned by C T SOFTWARE, a firm specialising in the creation of customised desktop and web software solutions.

We also provide quality off-the-shelf software to clients who are comfortable with checking our knowledgebase for solutions and asking for and receiving support via email, forums and our help desk.

In exchange for doing most of the support themselves, clients can purchase our software at very affordable prices and have access to responsive support provided by experienced staff.

If you provide software consultancy services, you can get our software and then add value by providing services we don't and billing your clients for your time.

Here are our current software offerings:-
CARAT Production Planner (For Creators Of Products And Services)
CARAT Payroll+ (For Simple Staff Payroll Management And More)